Where Can I Serve?

Antioch Baptist Church Cleveland offers plenty of opportunities to use your talents in God’s service. Whether music, outreach or education, you’ll find a the perfect place for your skills, abilities and interests.

Music Ministries

From dancing to singing to speaking to bell ringing and mimes, you’ll find your place in the music department of Antioch Baptist Church. Our choirs and dance ministries illustrates the spectrum of the African-American musical experience. Join one or more of our groups and praise God with your body, your voice, your entire being! 

Outreach Ministries

The ministries at Antioch Baptist Church demonstrate faith in action. Our work extends from our congregation into our community in innovative ways. Click here for our Ministries List.

Christian Education

Antioch Baptist Church believes an educated Christian is an effective Christian. Meet us every Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m. for Sunday School. Wednesday Bible Study (Wednesday in the Word) with Pastor Davidson.