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You’re So Blessed to Be Able To Give

So many think of tithing as an obligation. In fact, it’s an opportunity to share your abundance and demonstrate your faith. Of course your money offsets the practical needs of the church, such as utilities and salaries. But those dollars flow into the community through our outreach ministries.

Enlist in Our 100% Tithing Army

It’s easy to join, and there’s no boot camp. You may make contributions in three different ways to support the general operation and ministries of the church:
  • Tithe: A sacrificial contribution of 10% of your net or gross income each pay to support the general fund of the church.
  • Offering: A sacrificial contribution which is less than 10% of your income to support the general fund of the church.
  • In Memory Of: A sacrificial contribution in the name of the deceased to support the general fund of the church.


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