Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to lead others to a relationship with Jesus the Christ. We accomplish our mission by:

  • Teaching the Word with Compassion and Conviction
  • Providing Dynamic Outreach Ministries
  • Worshipping God
  • Evangelizing
  • Building Strong Church and Community Relationships.

What We Believe

Antioch Baptist Church affiliates with the American Baptist Churches USA, a body with 1.3 million members and more than 5,200 congregations. As American Baptists, Antioch firmly believes:

  • Jesus Christ is Our Redeemer and our Lord. Through belief in Him, we are assured of eternal fellowship with a loving God.
  • The foundation of Christian belief is the drama of the first Easter week. The greatest event in history was the death of Christ, in which he took upon Himself all the sins of the world and his Resurrection, which offers glorious proof of his triumph over sin and death.
  • Holy Scripture is the most authoritative guide to knowing and serving the triune God: The Father, Son and Holy Spirit. As the divinely inspired word of God, the Bible reveals our faith in its mandated practices